Relationships. Everything in our lives is rooted in that one word. Whether a spouse, our other family members, our children, our coworkers or people we meet everyday – lives are expanded or contracted based on how you navigate relationships. In Dr. Dharius Daniels new book, “Relational Intelligence”, he gives us insight, wisdom, and practical tools to maximize both our horizontal relationships and our vertical One. When people are properly positioned in our lives, true fruit can be produced. When God is prioritized in our lives, legacy can be established. I have watched the life of my friend Dharius Daniels and can attest to the fact that he didn’t write this book. He lives it. The authority of his words stems from the example he walks out daily. His voice is essential in today’s diluted culture that diminishes relationships to a mere swipe to the left. This book is a course correction for those of us willing to apply its truths.

John Gray