book club 

Bookclubbing just got better.

I have created an engaging virtual book club to connect readers around the world over Relational Intelligence.

Here’s how it works.

The book club will connect through a private video conference where all participants can discuss the book, Relational Intelligence, with Dr. Dharius Daniels and each other. Joining is completely free, however, having copy of the book is required.

Why Join?

Three reasons to participate in the book club:

1. Gain motivation: Connecting others who want to increase relational intelligence can help you become more intentional with applying what you have learned in the book. Joining the virtual book club will give you the opportunity to learn ways to apply relational advice to your lives.

2. Meet new people: Hanging out in online cultural space, and talking about how Relational Intelligence has impacted your life is healthy and enjoyable. Oftentimes, reading as a social activity can bridge differences of opinion and bring people together in new ways outside your geographic bounds.

3. Reading is good for you: Introducing yourself to new perspectives from the text you are reading helps you communicate your thoughts out loud and without fear. The more perspective you gain, the more you grow.

Our virtual book club has met it’s limit.  Please check back later for future opportunites.